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21st June 2018 Visit to Hughes Spalding Children’s Hospital

Last updated 4 months ago

On June 21st 9 members of Pilots for Kids spend some time spreading joy at Hughes Spalding Children’s Hospital. AJ Pope(Delta), Chuck Stalzer(Delta), Bill Hutch(Delta), Paul Chesek(Delta), Tim Crites(Delta), Erin Moneymaker(Delta), Bob Brinker(Delta), Jonathan Roth(Southwest) and Ben Harris(Delta) handed out toys and stuffed animals to the children, putting smiles on all their faces.

ATL Pre-Christmas/Holiday Visit – 15 Dec 2017

Last updated 9 months ago

We typically give some breathing room to the hospital during the busy holidays—and also have provided our own group more time for family during this season, too. Not this year! An assortment of Santa’s Helpers—disguised as pilots—descended upon the Hughes Spalding Children’s Hospital in mid-December to bring some cheer to all we encountered.

Our sleighs . . . errrr, wagons, were filled with Santa-size bags, full of stuffed animals and handheld games. Much laughter and joy was spread throughout the three floors of children’s rooms, clinics, and the ER waiting area, but we also made sure the nurses and doctors got some of the Ho-Ho-Ho! as well.

Another great visit, topped-off with a warm retreat at the nearby lunch market to continue the good fellowship. Nice way to cap-off 2017 . . . putting smiles on kids faces. (See associated photos in Gallery.)

16 October After Action Report - Hughes Spalding Visit

Last updated 1 year ago

The Atlanta Chapter made a hospital visit in October, before the busy holiday season. It was to the Hughes Spalding Children’s Hospital in downtown Atlanta. We have a longstanding relationship with them and they always welcome us with smiles.

Our mixed group (three airlines; ExpressJet, Delta, Endeavor) hit all three floors of the children’s hospital. On the second floor was a large waiting area for the different clinics. It was unusually full. We “divided and conquered”, splitting into small groups and going back-and-fort to the wagons (where we had the toys). There was a lady who is one of the major fundraisers for the hospital. She and her small group of prospective donors happened to follow us into this room and observed the before-and-after in the waiting area. This lady made it a point to stop us before we departed the building. She noted there was some uncertainty in the kids about what was going on as we were passing out the stuffed animals and electronic games. This is normal—since they don’t normally see a bunch of pilots pulling wagons and passing out toys! Anyhow, after we left and the children resumed sitting with their parents, she observed lots of smiles and a high degree of excitement throughout the many kids and adults. This fundraising group paused for several minutes and the joy on the kids’ faces continued to last.

We really do make a difference.

For the kids,

Don Myers
Atlanta Coordinator
Pilots For Kids

19 Sep 2017 - ATL Hospital Visit

Last updated 1 year ago

I decided to squeeze-in one more summer visit before the busier autumn season begins. It was still very warm, but there has certainly been a hint in the air of what’s around the corner for north Georgia.

We have a new coordinator at Hughes Spalding Children’s Hospital, Ms. MaKaylie Morris. She made us feel very welcome! She spends most of her time as the Child Life Specialist at the hospital. We look forward to many more visits—and she also wanted us to know, “The more the merrier,” with respect to holiday visits. Be prepared to see more on this in the near future.

The visit was on a Tuesday, which, we soon found out, is the day least-populated with kids at the hospital. Our downsized group, due to last-minute (Reserve) flying and someone tending to their own health, was just about the right size. We did, however, have three new folks, which was the perfect way to start with Pilots For Kids.

The several different Sesame Street stuffed animals were a big hit, but so were the Rubik’s cubes for some of the older kids. There were also several fidget spinner toys passed-out, too!

The relaxing meal afterwards, at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, was filled with . . . airline talk, of course!

Those attending: Rich Striker (Delta), Anthony Hawkins (ExpressJet), Brooks Broeckelman (Delta), Stephen Elrod (JetBlue), and Don Myers (Delta)

Don Myers
Atlanta Area Coordinator

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Pre-Christmas/Holiday Hospital Visit - Friday, 15 Dec 2017

Friday, December 15th, 2017 - 15:00 to 17:00 EDT

We'll visit each floor of the hospital, spreading cheer (and toys). See separate email for details.

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Get Directions: Hughes Spalding Children’s Hospital, 35 Jesse Hill Dr. SE, Atlanta, GA 30303

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